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The Wolf of Real Estate

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Juan Rubio refers to himself as the Wolf of Real Estate. “Every day I’m hunting for deals. If you’re part of my pack, I’m taking care of you no matter what,” he says with enthusiasm. The real estate agent has gained a reputation of being relentless in negotiating, double or triple closing deals on house flips, and managing high-volume investor hedge funds.

“Half of my business is geared towards the investor side. For big corporations and LLCs, it took me years and years to build that trust, ” Rubio mentions. Rubio has a self-imposed responsibility to the big-name companies that look to him for their commercial real estate needs. “The fact that they trust somebody my age, 27 years old, is really important to me,” he says. Currently working on his biggest potential closing ever, Rubio is focused on a 70 million dollar commercial deal that he anticipates closing this year.

With so many moving parts and people involved, real estate transactions may seem easy from the outside looking in, but they are far more complicated than some might assume. “Most people don’t see the work that’s been going on for years and years,” Rubio explains. Building a network of trustworthy professionals and a healthy clientele list is critical to Rubio’s success. He also stresses how his “passion and work ethic,” got him to where he is today.

Rubio attributes his ample connections within the home and commercial property industries to his avid networking techniques. At the beginning of his real estate career, he had just moved to Vegas and did not know many people. He shares, “I did open houses to get me started….I’d put up signs in my suit and wait in vacant homes until buyers came in, sometimes 10 days in a row, until I closed the deals. Those same clients I’ve used over the years to exponentially increase my business now.”

Rubio explains, “I have great connections with builders. I get first picks on several] lots before they are even released… I have certain contacts within the industry that gives my clients an advantage.” With exclusive inside opportunities like the first lot picks and such dedication to his real estate lifestyle, Rubio confesses, “A lot of times I work 16 hour days week after week and I love it! Honestly, it doesn’t feel like work to me anymore.” When asked what he found most important in business, he responded,

“To use my skill set to make other people money. I know if I make my client’s money everything else will fall into place. I go to every extent to get a deal done and make sure my client is in the best position possible.”

– By Danica Serena Stockton

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